Kit 6 Pieces Earwax Remover

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Do you have a sore ear or want to protect your hearing health from future problems but don't know how? Using this WAX REMOVER KIT you guarantee Safety, Ease and Excellence in Immediate Cleaning of your ear!

Kit de Limpeza Auditiva – CH Shop


No more suffering from discomfort with your ear hurting/covered by old wax! Did you know that cotton swabs push dirt away instead of removing it?

This generates an excessive accumulation of "Old Wax". Being able to cause future problems such as:


We know how uncomfortable it is to suffer from some of these hearing problems. With that in mind, the best laboratories in Brazil have developed the 6-Piece Earwax Remover Kit, the authorized substitute for a cotton swab!

Made of high quality stainless steel:
It is specially designed to extract excess wax safely and comfortably, and it is easy to clean.

Helical contact tip:
Prevents damage to eardrums and hearing, and effectively removes earwax.

Public utility: can be cleaned and reused many times

Painless: Its edge uses flexible steel spring technology designed to not hurt your ears, just remove the earwax. Immediate Results: Just insert the carefully with any of the accessories and make a circular motion to remove the wax.

WAX REMOVER KIT IS SUPER ECONOMIC! Why waste hours of torture with a sore ear if you can avoid the problem in the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks?

In addition to being efficient, you avoid future hearing and gift problems, save on buying medicine, time spent at the clinic, and several boxes of cotton swabs per month!

How to use? Just insert it carefully with any of the accessories and make a circular motion to remove the earwax, without causing damage to the hearing system. It is recommended to use once a week. Results are immediate after use.

Package includes: 1x ClearPro™ Case 1x Spiral Head 1x Flex Head 4x Digging Heads

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