Pet BackPack Kangaroo Backpack

Color: Blue
Size: S Under 5kg

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Do you also get a sinking heart when you see your dog's sad eyes, when you go out for a walk or adventure and he can't go?

No dog deserves to feel alone or be limited by age or mobility!

It's perfect for puppies with separation anxiety, senior dogs, injured dogs, or just pups who want to keep up! Your friend protected throughout the ride!

The innovative design of the new CANGURU PET BACKPACK BACKPACK is based on years of research and feedback from loyal customers. The CANGURU PET BACKPACK BACKPACK was developed for:

✔ Intermediate Hikes;

✔ Bike Rides;

✔ Horse Rides;

✔ Motorcycle Rides;

✔ Skateboarding;

✔ Long Walks;

So you never have to leave your best friend behind! For the perfect accommodation and comfort of your pet, the backpack comes with a safety collar, padding and additional ventilation.


  • Take your furry baby with you EVERYWHERE;
  • Super safe and comfortable;
  • Adapts to various sizes and breeds;
  • Super ventilated to keep your dog cool;
  • Washable and Waterproof
  • It has a firm and padded bottom (does not sink);
  • #1 pet backpack in 2021.


The PET BACKPACK CANGURU BACKPACK was designed so that your dog has visibility, involvement and comfort, so you can participate in all the fun! Features a thick interior bottom pad and is made with extremely breathable fabric so your pup stays cool.


Two side pockets with handles let you store treats and toys and adjust for the perfect fit. The crossbody strap minimizes any erratic movements to keep your precious cargo comfortable, even when you're on the go.


It features ventilated sides for an all-outdoor effect, easy-to-pull zippers, adjustable side pockets for all your essentials, and features a connecting D-ring on the collar for added security. Waterproof and washable for your dog's pee cases. Use on the front or back.

You're not just buying a backpack, you're buying new adventures. CHOOSE YOUR SIZE AND YOU'RE READY!

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