Mini Portable Blender 6 Blades Rechargeable

Color: Green

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A new way to prepare juices, smoothies, shakes and much more.
Anytime, anywhere, truly portable, with a rechargeable battery that can hold up to 10 mixes. It has a protection system that does not turn on without the transparent cup. It has a silicone handle for better transport.
You mix and drink from the same bottle. The ideal gift for friends and yourself, as it is portable and with a revolutionary design, it allows you to take it to the gym, travel and even the office.
Instructions for use: Wash the fruit, cut into small pieces, put it in the bottle, about 60% of the glass after adding the liquid, so that the total volume is about 80% of the glass.
Shake the product for better working, and press the switch to start the motor, then gently shake the product.
Ready! Your wonderful Shake, Juice is ready to enjoy.

How to turn on: Press the on/off button twice consecutively ( click , click )

Charging via USB from computer or mobile phone charger
Capacity: 380ml
Motor: DC 3.7v
Engine RPM: 22000RPM
Full charge: 4 hours
While Charging: 15000RPM
Working current: 10-12A
Dimensions: 23.5 x 8cm (Height x Diameter)
Weight: 465g

Number of Blades '6'

Included Items:
1x Blender
1x USB Cable

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